Foremost Roofing pride ourselves in offering unrivaled, affordable leadwork services, to both domestic and commercial customers – we are experts in its installation and repair.
Lead sheet has been used for centuries and is an established, long-life building material. It’s extremely malleable which makes it perfect for dressing over-complicated shapes, particularly the multi-curved contours of many roofing tiles. Lead is 100% recyclable, time and time again, and more environmentally friendly than alternatives on the market – no substitute provides the same performance.
Leadwork roofing, Bristol
Foremost Roofing carries out all aspects of leadwork, to the exacting standards of the Lead Sheet Association in Bristol, the South West, South Wales, Wiltshire, and Gloucestershire which include the following:
  • flat roofs
  • parapet, box and tapered valley gutters
  • pitched roofs
  • vertical cladding
  • dormer cheeks
  • dormer roofs
  • chimney, front apron and side flashings, back gutters
  • weatherings to cornices, parapet walls and projections
  • damp proof courses
  • cavity trays
  • specifically formed and fitted gussets, saddles and coverings.

We also undertake corrective work for customers who need our advice and experience. Whether it’s patch repairing existing lead or completely replacing the lead, we can help.

Please use our contact form for a free, no-obligation quote on your lead work or call 07917 665539.